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National Parks (Levitt): Home

This is a short project designed to utilize some basic research skills and get you excited about the country we live in and the idea of the National Parks.

Source Requirements

Four sources required. Of course, you can (and should) use more than four sources!

Big Six

Choose a Park

Choose a National Park that interests you---perhaps you've been, enjoyed it and want to return or perhaps you'd like to go.

Use the National Park Service website to find a park.

Questions to Answer

Your report/ paper will be about one page and answer: 

1. "Is the National Park system America's Best Idea"? and 2. How does your National Park fit under the umbrella of the National Park idea?

  • Description of the national park system
  • The origin of your park example: Yosemite
  • Information about its significance either natural or historic
  • At least two pictures integrated into the document
  • Discussion of at least one current issue surrounding the place---perhaps an environmental threat, preservation concerns, etc.

Research Process

1st diagram/ outline the assignment, selecting the main topic and subtopics. Please type the questions being answered and your thesis into NoodleTools. Also, do your outline in NoodleTools.  

Use NoodleTools and/or PowerPoint or Prezi to take research notes; the notes/slides can easily be placed in order for the presentation.

Each note/slide should have the source cited on the bottom- easy enough to copy and paste from the Internet or research database. The subtopic could be noted at the top of the slide.

* After copying and pasting the information, go back and put the information in your own words.

* Require one quote and one source for the significance of the best place.