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Mathematician Biographies (Evans): Get Started

Research your mathematician!

Off-Campus Access to Databases

If you're off campus, you will be asked to log in through your McCallie Google account. Email Mrs. Wadley if you have any questions.


Archimedes. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica. Web. 14 Nov. 2014. 

Find a Mathematician

List of Mathematicians you could choose (just a starting place!)

  • Ada Byron Lovelace

  • Alan Turing

  • Albert Einstein

  • Archimedes

  • Benjamin Banneker

  • Carl Sagan

  • Charles Babbage

  • Copernicus 

  • Edwin Hubble

  • Ernest Rutherford

  • Euclid

  • Evelyn Boyd Granville

  • Galileo 

  • Grace Hopper

  • Isaac Newton

  • Katherine Johnson

  • Leonardo da Vinci

  • Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

  • Lise Meitner

  • Maria Mitchell

  • MC Escher

  • Pythagoras

  • Seki Kowa

  • Sophie Germain

  • Stephen Hawking