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Author Research Project (Adams/Bankhead): Book Resources

LIbrary Resources for Author Reseach Project

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Library Resources

  REFERENCE BOOKS:                                ‚Äč

  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, REF 808.88 BAR

  • Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, REF 803 BEN

  • The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English, REF 820.9 WAT

  • Children's Books and Their Creators, REF 028.162 CHI

  • Cyclopedia of Young Adult Authors, REF 810.9 CYC

  • Dictionary of World Biography, REF 920.02 DIC

  • Encyclopedia of World Biography, REF 920 ENC

  • A Handbook to Literature, REF 802 HOL

  • Lives and Works in the Arts, REF 700.92 LIV

  • Magill's Survey of American Literature, REF 810.9 MAG

  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature, REF 808.892 OXF

  • Writers for Young Adults, REF 810.9 HIP


  • Michael Crichton, B CRI
  • J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter, B ROW

  • J.K. Rowling: A Biography: The Genius Behind Harry Potter, B ROW

  • Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books, B PAU

  • Bad Boy, B MYE

  • Theodore Geisel, B SEU

  • Langston Hughes, B HUG

  • Edgar Allan Poe, B POE

  • Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn, B TWA

  • Mark Twain: an Illustrated Biography, B TWA

  • Picturing Hemingway, B HEM

  • Jack London: A Biography, B LON

  • Stephen King, B KIN

  • C. S. Lewis: A Biography, 823.912 LEW-W

  • Lives of the Writers, 920 KRU

  • Authors and Artists for Young Adults, 928  AUT

  • Lloyd Alexander, B ALE

  • A Tribute to the Young at Heart: Lloyd Alexander, B ALE

  • The Land of Narnia, 823.912 LEW

  • The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis, 823.912 LEW

  • J. R. R. Tolkien, B TOL

  • Knots in My Yo-yo String: the Autobiography of a Kid (Spinelli), B SPI

  • Shakespeare: His Work & His World, 822.33 SHA

  • Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare, 822.3 SHA

  • Anthony Horowitz, B HOR

  • Funny Business: Conversations with Writers of Comedy813.54 FUN

  • Speaking for Ourselves, Too,  813.54 GAL

  • The Story Behind...Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, 813.54 GID

  • Mildred Taylor, B TAY

  • How I Became a Writer, (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor) B NAY

  • Tom Clancy, B CLA

  • Prize Winners: Ten Writers for Young Readers, 810.9 YUN

  • Shel Silverstein, B SIL

  • World Writer, Rick Riordan, B RIO

  • Rick Riordan, B RIO

  • Suzanne Collins, Words on Fire, B COL

  • Suzanne Collins, B COL

  • Going Solo (Roald Dahl)B DAH

  • Boy, Tales of Childhood (Roald Dahl), B DAH

  • James Dashner, B DAS

  • A Hole in my Life (Jack Gantos), B GAN (2 copies)

  • Readings on John Grisham, B GRI

  • John Green, B GRE

  • King of the Mild Frontier (Chris Crutcher), B CRU

  • Dickens: His Work and His World, B DIC


  • Christopher Paul Curtis, DVD 813.54 CUR
  • Louis Sachar, DVD 813.54 CUR
  • Will Hobbs, DVD 813.54 HOB
  • The McKissacks, DVD 813.54 MCK
  • Linda Sue Park, DVD 813.54 PAR
  • Avi, DVD 813.54 AVI
  • Jerry Spinelli, DVD 813.54 SPI
  • Laurence Yep, DVD 813.54 YEP
  • Richard Peck, DVD 813.54 PEC
  • Katherine Paterson, DVD 813.54 PAT
  • Russell Freedman, DVD 813.54 FRE
  • Gordon Korman, DVD 813.54 KOR
  • Lois Lowry, DVD 813.54 LOW
  • Kenneth Oppel, DVD 813.54 OPP


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