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Author Research Project (Adams): Home

LIbrary Resources for Author Reseach Project


  • Monday, February 28 - Friday, March 4 (rot.1-4): Overview of requirements and  timeline, set up/review of NooldeTools, info on resources and databases (Libguides), and begin research

  • Monday, March 7 - Tuesday, March 8 (rot.1):  Confirm Partner/Author choices and continue research

  • Tuesday, March 8 - Friday, March 11 (rot.2-4): Some “in-class” work time each day; have at least 3 resources entered on Noodletools by end of rot. 4

  • Monday, March 14 - Tuesday, March 15 (rot.1): Outline and preliminary works cited due at beginning of class; In class: Mini-lesson – writing introductions

  • Tuesday, March 15 – Wednesday, March 16 (rot.2): In-class work day for rough drafts

  • Wednesday, March 16 – Thursday, March 17 (rot.3): Rough draft of essay with updated works cited due by end of class on rot.3

  • Thursday, March 17 - Friday, March 18 (rot.4): Begin working on revised drafts

  • Monday, March 21 - Tuesday, March 22 (rot.1): Mini-lesson – writing conclusions; in-class work day – continue revisions

  • Tuesday, March 22 - Thursday, March 24 (rot.2-3): Work on revisions with revised draft due before Spring Break!

*You are not required to work on your paper during Spring Break; however, if you were behind going into the break, then you must be caught up when you return. Feel free to work ahead on your final draft and/or presentation if you have the time and the desire. It would also be wise to work on Parallel Reading if necessary. 

  • Tuesday, April 5 - Friday, April 8 (rot.1-3): Must conference with Mr. Adams this week as you work on final draft of paper

  • Monday, April 11 - Tuesday, April 12 (rot.1): Final draft, title page, and corrected works cited due at the beginning of class

  • Tuesday, April 12 - Friday, April 15 (rot.2-4): There will be some class time devoted to working on presentations.

  • Week of April 18: Presentations will take place this week.

Basic Requirements for the Author Research Project

Basic requirements for Author Research Project 2022:

You will complete a research paper on the author of your choice as approved by your teacher.

  • You may work with a partner if you choose; however, it is not required.

  • The paper will be 3-5 pages in length (not including title page and works cited).

  • An outline must be developed and turned in for a grade (see timeline).

  • A rough draft must be developed and turned in for a grade (see timeline).

  • A works cited page (MLA format) must be documented and turned in with the rough draft. 

  • Remember that you must have a minimum of three resources including one website/webpage and at least two database resources (access through Libguides – click on “Databases” tab). Ideally you will also have a print resource if one is available (we will have a cart of reference books from the library available in the classroom to assist with this). 

  • Essays should follow the standard expectations of style:

  • 12 point standard-type font (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, etc.) and double-spaced

  • 1 inch margins

  • Black ink

  • Title page with author and student’s name/students’ names, date, and period number