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Summer Reading 2023 - Middle School: Creative Responses

Creative Responses to your Book of Choice

In response to your book of choice you will do a creative response. Below are some categories and suggestions to get you thinking about how you might want to respond to your book. You are not limited to the options below. Feel free to mix and match them or come up with an entirely new idea.


Audio-Visual Responses

  • Create a "book trailer" for your book. Click this link for an example.
  • Record a mock audio "interview" with a character from the book. 
  • Create a poster or other work of visual art that represents a book or a moment from the book.

Written Responses

  • Write a poem or short story inspired by the book.
  • Write an epilogue or an additional chapter to the book.
  • Create a presentation using PowerPoint or Google Slides that summarizes your book's story, a character's arc, or something else interesting about the book or its setting.

Crafting Responses

  • Use your crafting skills to create a real-life version of an important item or object from the book.
  • Create a recipe based on food inspired by the book.
  • Use a posterboard to make a presentation about your book.