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Here are some resources to help you on your project for Mr. Tolar's class

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This final poetry project will consist of two parts: a thorough research paper and an original poem and justification/analysis. The essay will be 90% of your grade while your "presentation" of your original poem during the exam period will constitute the remaining 10%. The overall project (as your final exam) will count 15%-20% of your semester average (whichever helps you more). Your first objective with your chosen poet is to research his/her life and poems. Some questions to consider:
Who was your poet? What impact did their poetry have on them, their friends/family, and/or the world at large? What were some unique things that happened in your poet's life? How did their life affect their writing? Did their poems follow a particular pattern or "recipe?" Did their writing change over time? If so, how and why? What details from your poet's life and writing make him/her so interesting or influential? What did others say/think about your poet and his/her work?
As you conduct your research, begin to form an interesting and unique thesis statement that your support will validate. 
Here are some essentials for your essay:
- 1500 words (minimum), 2500 words (maximum)
- Good, creative title
- Correctly used parenthetical citations (see my Moodle Help Section if needed)
- Works Cited page (MLA) of everything that was cited in the essay
- Minimum of 5 total (legitimate) academic sources
- At least 3 of your sources have to come from research databases (e.g. JSTOR, Literature Resource Center, etc.)
- Multiple, specific references to various poems (and quotes lines/verses) from your poet to help prove your point(s)
For your original poem, you will compose a poem of at least 20-50 lines in the style of your poet. As you research your poet, begin to understand the intricacies of his/her writing subjects and style. Apply these things to your own unique poem. You will read it aloud to the class during the exam period and give us a brief (2-4 min) explanation/analysis of your own poem and its connection to your poet. No visual aids are needed except for the poem itself (hard copy preferred).


Here are the poets to choose from (no one may have the same poet as another person in class):

Maya Angelou
Elizabeth Bishop
Wendell Berry
Ambrose Beirce
Gwendolyn Brooks
William Cullen Bryant
Charles Bukowski
e.e. cummings
Billy Collins
Hart Crane
Stephen Crane
Hilda Doolittle
Paul Laurence Dunbar
T.S. Eliot
Allen Ginsberg
Randall Jarrell
Erica Jong
Jack Kerouac
Etheridge Knight
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Robert Lowell
Claude McKay
Sylvia Plath
Edgar Allan Poe
Ezra Pound
Thoedore Roethke
Anne Sexton
Carl Sandburg
Richard Wilbur