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A guide to help you prepare an annotated bibliography

Easter 1916

Michael Collins


You will be assigned one of the following topics to research and give an in-class presentation on.  Your research should culminate in the following: An annotated bibliography of at least twenty sources, a minimum five-page paper detailing your findings concerning your topic (which makes use of at least six different sources), and a class presentation (ten minutes or so in length) where you share the knowledge you have gained with your classmates. This presentation can make use of handouts, the internet, PowerPoint, audio, video, etc… Hopefully, these topics will help you gain clarity and knowledge to share with your classmates that we can bring to bear on our readings this semester. If you find your topic to be rather large, then work to narrow it down to the specifics you find most insightful and relevant to our study of Ireland and its literature. Your work should follow all MLA guidelines for works cited entries and parenthetical references. I am, of course, available for questions and consultations concerning your topic. Please think critically about your topic and the sources you use--remember that Wikipedia, although sometimes helpful, is not considered a valid source for any assignment in this class. Each part of this assignment will receive an independent grade, so three grades will be earned. We will discuss timelines and due dates in class.

Here are the potential topics:



The “Black and Tans”                                         The Battle of the Bogside

Bloody Sunday                                                   The 1916 Uprising                   

N.I. Loyalist Paramilitary groups                   Rev. Ian Paisley

I.R.A.  and various splinter groups                 Éamon deValera

The Battle of the Boyne/Orangemen              Bernadette Devlin (McAliskey)           

Gerry Adams         

Sinn Féin

Bobby Sands

The Guildford Four/The Birmingham Six               

Michael Collins

The Penal Laws

An Gorta Mór                                                    

Oliver Cromwell and his campaign in Ireland

Wolfe Tone and the United Irishman Rebellion


*Those topics listed here in BOLD are of high importance and should definitely be chosen for research and presentation.