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Environmental Science



Environmental Issue Presentation

 Students will research and make a presentation concerning a specific environmental issue.

Purpose of the project:

                To become aware of ongoing environmental issues & to share contemporary knowledge with your peers

Assessment:   1. 2 typed assignments: 

                              a.  Chart or table of pros & cons & thesis,                                                            

                              b.  work cited page

                    2.  Oral presentation- rubric and peer evaluation


  1. Choose a General area of Environmental Concern

Example general area: air pollution, water quality, human population, habitat loss, damaged ecosystems, sustainability, waste management, conservation, environmental law, environmental economics, climate change, pesticides, hazardous waste, and alternative energy. 

  1. Select a specific issue/topic to further research
  2. Get your topic approved from the teacher.
  3. Find and read 3-5 articles on the specific topic. 
  4. Research- the key points of each article. 

Browse sites related to your topic, jot down information you think will be important to include in your final product.  As you browse the sites related to your topic, think about the following questions that you will need to include in your final project presentation:

  • What is the problem? How do we know there is a problem (what evidence is there)?
  • What causes the problem?
  • What are the possible future effects of the problem? How will it affect the world?
  • What is being done to solve the problem? Are there laws related to the topic?
  • What can an individual do to help?
  1.  For each source make a decision on how the issue affects you and the world and put this information into a chart that has the headings Pro, Con and Neutral.
  2. Type a work cited page following MLA format (alphabetize sources)
  3. Using the information gained in steps 1-6, write a statement that you believe to be true concerning the issue. – Thesis statement
  4. Using all the information gathered, prepare a 5 minute oral and visual presentation to share this information with the rest of the class.