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Civil War (Wallin/Edge): Home

Use this as a starting point for your research!

Off-Campus Access to Databases

If you're off campus, you'll need to log in using a username and password. Log in information can be found in Moodle. Click on Library - Middle School, then Online Resources, then Database Passwords for Off-Campus Access. Email Ms. Granbery if you have any questions.

Civil War

Quick Start

Use these resources to get background information on your topics.

Guiding Questions

  • What background information would help me get an overview of my topic so that I can ask good questions and learn more about it?
  • What intriguing questions do I have about this topic?
  • What is my plan for research?
  • What are all the sources that might be used?
  • How do I evaluate the information that I find?
  • Have I found enough accurate information to answer all my questions?
  • What new understandings did I develop about the topic?

The Big Six