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  • Role of the President in the American Constitutional System
  • Role of Congress in the American Constitutional System
  • Role of the Supreme Court in the American Constitutional System
  • Role of Political Parties in the American Constitutional System
  • Role of Civil Rights Movements in the American Constitutional System
  • States Rights in the American Constitutional System
  • American Government and World Affairs
  • U.S. Constitution: Literal or Living
  • The Bill of Rights and Citizen Rights Protected
  • American Federalism

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  • Develop research skills: Sources/References – Minimum of three (3) resources required. Only resources provided through McCallie’s online resources and accredited websites may be used. When utilizing a search engine, Google Scholar and Sweet Search are recommended.

  • Develop writing skills (3–5 page paper).

  • Develop public speaking skills and experience through oral presentation (5–7 minutes).

  • Improve understanding of the United States government and the machinations/features responsible for its function.


  • Research a topic from the project topics list and write a 3–5 page paper (with clearly defined introduction, body of content, and conclusion), give a 5–7 minute oral presentation sharing your research and personal thoughts while utilizing a visual aid (e.g. Prezi, PowerPoint, documentary-themed video, coffee table book, etc.).

  • Complete Works Cited (text and pictures) per MLA guidelines.



Paper –        40 pts.

Oral Presentation –    20 pts.

Visual Aid –        20 pts

Works Cited –        20 pts.

Total –         100 pts.


Due Date:


Exam period, Dec. 14, at 8:30am.