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Here are some resources to help you on your project for Mr. Tolar's class

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Here are the basic requirements of your final exam project for American Literature:

- 6-10 page essay (thesis statement at end of intro paragraph) with pertinent and interesting biographical information about your poet, influences on them and/or their poetry, critical analysis of at least 3 of their poems (connected to your thesis statement), explanation of defining elements of their poetry overall

- Parenthetical citations throughout and a complete Works Cited page at the end of the essay (at least ONE library source, at least ONE resource database, and at least THREE online sources (legitimate ones only))

- A 15 line (minimum) poem of your own creation, imitating the style/structure/themes/etc. of your poet

- A one-page Writer's Memo explaining the process of creating your own poem and how it imitates your poet's poetry


Here are the poets to choose from (no one may have the same poet as another person in class):

Maya Angelou
Elizabeth Bishop
Wendell Berry
Ambrose Beirce
Gwendolyn Brooks
William Cullen Bryant
Charles Bukowski
e.e. cummings
Billy Collins
Hart Crane
Stephen Crane
Hilda Doolittle
Paul Laurence Dunbar
T.S. Eliot
Allen Ginsberg
Randall Jarrell
Erica Jong
Jack Kerouac
Etheridge Knight
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Robert Lowell
Claude McKay
Sylvia Plath
Edgar Allan Poe
Ezra Pound
Thoedore Roethke
Anne Sexton
Carl Sandburg
Richard Wilbur