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Battles for Chattanooga: Home

To assist you in research for Mr. Chapin's assignment

Civil War

Suggested topics

The narrower and more specific the topic, the better. Preliminary research will be your friend here. Time spent on the front end here will make a better project. There are a few categories that you might consider: turning point battles, economic weapons and conditions, African American experience, women, technology, CHATTANOOGA, Lincoln, Southern interpretations, Legacy of the war.

As promised, here are some ideas for you to consider for Chattanooga...

Why Chattanooga? Investigation of the strategic importance of the town.

Economic importance of the area

The Railroad

Cracker Line

Braggs' errors

The reason for Union victory at Lookout Mountain

Crossing the River

The Union bridges of the Tennessee

Conditions during the siege

Failure of artillery at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge

General Thomas crests Missionary Ridge first

Sherman’s destructive forces amassed and trained in Chattanooga

The economic effect the war had on the city

Confederate or Union defense of the city