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Empires (World History): Home

For Mr. Wadley's class project


New Kingdom Egypt





1)    Your assignment is to research and take notes on your group’s civilization. You will then organize your research into an oral presentation that you will give to the rest of the class.  Your focus should be on how the six traits of a civilization (cities, government, religion, social structure, writing and art) were manifested in your assigned empire.   The requirements are as follows:


  • All members must participate/speak for a relatively equal amount of time

  • Must be 15-20 minutes (you will need to rehearse some to get the timing down)

  • Must have a noteguide to help the class record basic ideas.

  • Must have visual aids – pictures or props.  


2)     Submit a bibliography of 6 sources, in MLA format.  Attached to the bibliography must be a Website Evaluation Form for each electronic source that you use.  The form is available under Class-Related Documents on Mr. Wadley’s Moodle site.  


3)     Group must meet with Mr. Wadley to discuss progress and plans.