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Ancient Middle Eastern History: Home

A guide to help you with your final paper


Possible Topics

Herodotus – Father of History – Ancient Greek historian            


Josephus – Jewish historian during 1st century AD        


Philo of Alexandria – Hellenistic Jewish and Biblical Philosopher    


Cyrus the Great – Founded Persian Empire        


Darius the Great – 3rd King of Persian Empire    


Xerxes – 4th King of Persian Empire                    


Leonidas – King of Sparta during Persian/Greek Wars


Phillip of Macedon – Macedonian king started work that his son completed


Alexander the Great – Macedonian World Conqueror


Antiochus IV Epiphanes – King of Seleucids and persecutor of Jews


Judah Maccabeus – Led the revolt of the Maccabees vs. the Seleucid Empire


John Hyrcanus – Judean Leader in Jerusalem from 134–104 BC


Alexander Jannaeus – King of Judea from 103–76 BC


Pompey – Military and Political leader of the late Roman Republic


Pontius Pilate - Prefect of Judea during the time of Christ


Herod the Great – Roman leader in Judea - “King of the Jews”


Vespasian - Emperor of Rome during end of the Jewish Revolt


Titus - Emperor of Rome - Son of Vespasian