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The American Civil War & Reconstruction: Other Resources

A guide to resources for Mr. Carpenter's research assignment

The War of the Rebellion: Original Records of the Civil War

This site offers the complete records online, and a searchable database. Very valuable!

Web Sites

  • The American Civil War
    The site contains balanced, substantive coverage of the Civil War, including its causes, famous battles, and leaders. There are sections on food, music, and "fascinating facts" of the war.
  • CivilWar@Smithsonian
    Produced by the National Portrait Gallery, this site has an extensive image collection of Civil War artifacts. With background information included, the visitor can find anything from Abraham Lincoln’s beaver top hat to examples of uniforms and weapons. The site also includes portraits, sculptures, and photographs.
  • American Civil War (The History Channel )
    This site includes an extensive gallery of clips from History Channel’s Civil War documentaries, photographs, topic overviews, an interactive map of Sherman’s march, and an interactive graphical overview of the war. Topics include: technology, women, espionage, medicine, biographies of important people, and discussions of important battles.
  • The Civil War: 150 Years (National Park Service Sesquicentennial Commemoration)
    Includes overviews and primary sources, as well as links to the web sites of over 70 parks and battlegrounds in the National Park System, which also have resources related to the history of the Civil War.
  • EDSITEment's Civil War Page
    The National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment website has over 33 lessons on the causes, the course and the consequences of the Civil War. Each lesson is written by a history or government teacher and is built around critical analysis of primary sources including documents, speeches, images and photographs drawn from vetted websites.

Index to Civil War Periodicals

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