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Language and culture are very closely related and in order to succeed with any foreign language, a high level of cultural fluency is necessary. This is especially true for the Chinese language. Tellingly, the first character in culture (文化) essentially means language, highlighting this interdependence.

So in order to improve your cultural fluency and overall language fluency, for the next week you are expected to explore a topic about Chinese culture or language that already greatly interests you, but that you would like to understand in greater detail.

Suggested topics

History of Hanzi

Humor in China

Chinese social media

    Weibo, Weixin, Renren, etc.

Electronics and Technology in China

    Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Martial Arts

Taiji, Gongfu, etc.

Daoism in China Past and Present

Confucianism in China Past and Present

Buddhism in China Past and Present

Islam in China Past and Present

Christianity in China Past and Present

Environmental Issues in China

Rise of the Communist Party

Politics in Asia

    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    Silk Road Economic Belt

    Island Disputes with Neighbors

China’s “Soft Power”  

History of Hong Kong

History of Macau

History of Taiwan

Writer - Han Han

Writer - Lu Xun

Director - Jiang Wen

Actor - Huang Bo

Actress - Fan Bingbing

Nobel Prize Winning Author - Mo Yan

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist - Tu Youyou

The Cultural Revolution

High-speed Trains in China

Falun Gong

Chinese Art

Chinese Music

Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet

The Importance of Chinese Calligraphy, Past and Present

American Football in China: Year of the Pigskin

Gaming in China

The New Frontier: Xinjiang

MMA in China

China and Russia: Friends or Foes

Suggested Internet Resources from Mr. Murphy

Finding Electronic Books - Gale Virtual Reference Library

Search all the eBooks at once, or go directly to the Gale Virtual Reference Library to browse the collection.

Suggested Library Resources

Global Issues in Context