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Anatomy of a Revolution: Home

To help you with your research for Mr. Linsley's assignment



You will investigate another historic revolution and connect it to Crayne Brinton’s “Anatomy of a Revolution.”  You will be assigned one of the following events on which to report: Haitian Revolution, Cuban Revolution, Boxer Rebellion, Indian Revolt of 1857, Austrian Revolution of 1848, Glorious Revolution, Iranian Revolution, German Reunification, and Taiping Revolution.  If, during your initial research you happen across another topic that peaks your interest, feel free to bring it to my attention.  If that topic is acceptable by my standards, you may pursue it.  There are, however, two instances that are not available for your choice – The American Revolution and the Bolshevik/Russian Revolution.

  • Part One: Background on the state of politics, economics, and the social status of the political geographic location of the revolution.  Discuss the conditions of the state prior to the revolution.  In this discussion, you must explain how four of Brinton’s criteria under the heading, “Conditions Which Seem to be Present as Causes of Major Revolutions” connect with your topic.
  • Part Two: Course of events in the midst of the revolution.  Explain in brief detail how the revolution unfolded; specific events of the revolution.  You will then connect the events of the uprising to four of Brinton’s ten criteria under the heading, “The Course that Revolutions Seem to Take.”
  • Part Three: Results of the revolution.  Address two of the questions Brinton asks under his “Results” heading in regards to your revolution. 
  • Part Four: Reflection.  Do you think the revolution was justified?  Consider the stated causes of the revolution, the means to the end, and the results.  Was there violence associated with it?  Was that level of violence acceptable? Too harsh? Too lenient?  Were the ideological causes of the revolution just? Unjust?