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History of Rock Music: Home

A guide to help your research for Mr. Alverson's course


History of Rock

Week 1 Performance Task


1.  Pick a rock band or an individual performer (this includes a singer, guitarist,

    bassist, drummer, etc).

2(A). If it is a band, research the band members lives, how the group formed,  

    what their musical influences are.

2(B). If it is a performer, research the individual’s life, how they became a rock  

     music performer, and what his or her musical influences are.

3.  Write a five (5) page, doubled spaced, 12-point font paper that includes  

     biographical, historical, and musical information.

4.   Prepare a seven (7) minute presentation for the class.  You may include

     pictures, posters, music, video, powerpoint point presentation,  etc…

5.  This project is due during exam week for all others.

Sweet Search


Google Images


Gale Power Search

Discover a great collection of articles from thousands of Gale resources – magazines, journals, newspapers and books along with videos, images and podcast content – all brought to you by your library. 

Oxford Music Online

An incredible source for biographies and subject related articles. Definitive!

Salem History

You Tube